Robots in libraries?

In relation to the changing face of libraries… what do you think about the deployment of robots in a library setting? As an aspiring library professional, this should be a wake up call. Is this how a library paraprofessional is looked upon? Though it is a step in the right direction that companies such as Fujitsu have recognized that libraries are an important part of the community, is this really the kind of help we have in mind? Do we want a more personal touch to the library service, or a more impersonal, clinical approach to the service. Perhaps library professionals need to consult with companies such as this one to devise technological solutions to other areas of the service. Areas in which the job of the library staff becomes easier, not extinct!



4 thoughts on “Robots in libraries?

  1. We all understood that robotics was future technology that will revolutionize the world, but last time I checked the future is now and this new clinical and methodical approach to getting things done is happening right now all around us and as revolutionary as it is I do not want this cold unfeeling practice in my library. To me a library is about human interaction and that special personal touch that makes the experience a great one and interacting with artificial life is not my idea of personable.

    1. My thoughts exactly.The idea of robots in libraries, for me is a turn-off. Libraries need that human touch… the technology should be applied in areas which will enable library staff to perform more efficiently. As being explored in this class, using the advantages of Web 2.0 technology and improved integrated software seems more appropriate…

  2. I will still appreciate a smiling face when meeting those that sit at the circulation desk. Even a puzzled or exasperated look would do than the cold expressionless face of a robot. If they would like to use robots in libraries, let them be used for packing shelves, answering questions during special sesssions that the library may look into to incorporate.

  3. Robots! I do believe that might be good idea but not for font desk (other duties maybe…) person to person greeting is always best especially if it is warm and friendly!

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