A sign of the times…

While looking at what my fellow bloggers are up to, I see that Vidya has also taken notice of the  news about changes at  Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc.

A few days ago I read, with consternation ,that Encyclopaedia Britannica has ceased producing print versions & will soon be available online only – following the sale of the remaining 4000 sets in stock . Needless to say, if I had US $1 400 lying around right now, I know what I’d do with it. I imagine there are others out there who are able to get their hands on one of those last remaining sets. . . Oh well! Yes, it was inevitable, but I could not help the sinking feeling that it was the end of a era, so to say. I treasure my memories of   using these volumes at my school library, as do many others I am sure. The comments added to this article reflect the mixed opinions that are shared by many, I am sure.  I agree with the reader who suggested a print version ever so often.. as “hard copy is still the best back-up”. Plus, there’s just something about a book which just  stimulates the mind ( and as another reader pointed out, it invites you to read..). One reader even pointed out the value of older versions, as they reflected the social and political views of the day. This is true and I hope that the libraries as well as individuals who currently own these volumes, take good care of them. They are now a part of our history.

The digital world is upon us and there’s no stopping it. We, as the future librarians need to adapt now in order to help others ‘roll with the punches’ when it comes to accessing authoritative reference information. (Yes, improved technology befuddles many library users.) This move by the publishers shows that they are taking technological advances and the needs of their clients in stride. It is phenomenal that a  publication which is more than 2 centuries old ( in existence since 1768) has been adapted to the current times – online subscriptions and apps. included!

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