Ensuring a Good User Experience.

As library professionals and paraprofessionals, it is imperative that we understand the need for ensuring that our clients enjoy a good experience at our libraries. A blog post at Shaping Libraries  highlights this and should help the guilty to make a change for the better. At times, the ‘library jargon’ may  occur out of habit, but we need to understand that technical jargon should be avoided when dealing with the public. Remember, especially for our public libraries, our clients come from all backgrounds and walks of life. We are not to alienate anyone; rather, we should use language that is easy to understand. Not that we believe that the patrons are simpletons, but, we must leave no room for confusion in the mind of the client. Being in the information field, we may be familiar with all types of technical jargon, but, let’s not make others feel inferior about it. We’ll just come across as snobby and not at all inviting to library patrons. 


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