…and the magic continues…

It was quite interesting to read about this new development in the world of e-books. It seems that Amazon is close to losing their firm footing in the epub world… all brought on by one of my favourite writers and her team! J. K. Rowling and the Pottermore team have been successful at getting Amazon to re-direct buyers to the Pottermore site to conduct purchases of the Potter series. The new e-books are not published with the usual DRM (Digital Rights Management) features. Instead, these e-books boast of a feature being referred to as as “social DRM” and “inconspicuous DRM”. The user code is found on the copyright page and can be used to track down the purchaser should the file be uploaded to a file-sharing site. Of course this will mean that the said person will be banned from making further purchases at Pottermore.

My favourite thing about this new mechanism, is that it is ok to share with others whom you may trust, i.e. the file can be used on devices without the need for linking, syncing , passwords etc. As long as none of your borrowers decide to upload to the web. It’s just like sharing a hard copy of a book…. with the usual guidelines of course ( uploading illegally being the equivalent of destroying my book and being forever banned from my lending list…!)

So even while some of us are still getting used to e-books and their advantages and disadvantages, the magic of new and improved technology is constantly on the move… what dynamic times we live in! You snooze, you lose. As aspiring library professionals, we need to keep our fingers on the pulse of technological advances which may in any way impact on libraries and their users.  Read on…


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