…and more on Library 2.0

Recent addition to the social networking scene, Pinterest has much to offer the world of libraries. I mentioned  it as a Web 2.0 tool in an essay and here it is also being hailed librarians as one way of moving libraries forward. With all the negative things many people find themselves thinking and saying about libraries and their archaism / lack of relevance, I get a smug look on my face when I read articles like these  posted by the Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian. Librarians seem to have a knack for taking all these new technological applications and using them to the advantage of libraries. Ha! Even the use of mobile devices and QR (Quick Response) codes have been incorporated into the library setting…! 

Using Pinterest is an easy way to get to a targeted audience… this should bode well for book lovers and for library patrons as well. Library users sharing common tastes / interests can connect using this site; library management can also connect to users by adding current events / news on its board. 

So… techies… what will you throw at the library community next? The book…..? 🙂 



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