Yes! Libraries are still relevant!

It is simply a myth that in this age of technological advancement that libraries are becoming less and less important. For as long as educational institutions are in existence and for as long as there is civilized society, there will be libraries. And they will be used – they will not become obsolete. After spending less than 10 days interning at the Carnegie Free Library in San Fernando, it is clear that this holds true for us here in Trinidad. This landmark building, though in dire need of refurbishment, still manages to attract new users. In the past week, there have been many new user registrations, with several more visitors expressing a desire to register as members.

Primary schools are now asking parents to register their children as Library members before they are enrolled at school. Study skills is now a subject being taught at the Primary level. Personally, I find this idea commendable. It is ironic though,  since so many people seem convinced that all students need to know is how to use a search engine. Why not learn how to think instead?

Yes, many teenagers do use the library membership to access free internet services (mostly for social networking).However, the likelihood is that, while there, they will be inspired to use the library’s lending service – as many already do.


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