Why are libraries not given the recognition they deserve?

It was inspiring to read this article published by Time magazine …. makes you wonder when we will begin to recognize our libraries as more than that dark,  forbidding place.

Yes, that is right – libraries are an investment. If only the leaders in our society appreciated libraries this way, maybe then, perhaps, our libraries would have been considered a priority. There seems to be no value for our libraries here. Yes, while people continue to register for membership, the infrastructure is degenerating. The powers that be here in Trinidad need to take notice of the importance of libraries and consider them a wise investment. In order to get past the Third World mentality, we must value these repositories of knowledge. This article demonstrates the value of public libraries. I am sure that many learned people here owe their academic achievements to the use of libraries. Our country is not deficient in intelligent minds, so why do our leaders and educators not promote (publicly) the importance of libraries? Libraries in Trinidad and Tobago seem to be in need of champions for their cause.


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